GTW 506 DeSulfur Catalyst

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A proven gases filter media provides continuous purification of corrosive, odorous and toxic contaminants in industrial and commercial environments. This product can be applied to remove hydrogen sulfur, nitrogen oxide, cyanide pollutants from those containing gas/exhaust. Application area can cover purification of food CO2 gas, methanol gas and methane gas, N2/H2 in ammonia synthesis.

Product Description

Special treated catalyst GTW DS 506 in dry loaded catalyst bed is used for the removal of hydrogen sulfur (H2S) from city natural gas, coke carbon oxide gas in fine chemical, metal fabrication, ceramic industries, glass industries, electronic industries, etc.  

Specifications of GTW DS 506:

  • Appearance: reddish pellet cylinder shape
  • Main Ingredient: mixture of alkali metal oxide
  • Size: Dia 4~5mm and length 4~15mm
  • Bulk Density: 0.7~0.8 gm/cc
  • Mechanical Strength: >50N/cm at side pressure
  • Water Resistance: Not crushed in water
  • Void: >40~50%
  • Sulfur Capacity: >30%(wt/wt)
  • (Outlet H2S <20mg/m3 at inlet H2S 200~2000mg/m3)


How to use GTW DS 506:

  • Linear velocity: 0.10~0.30 m/s
  • Temperature: 20~60 oC
  • Pressure: normal pressure
  • Humidity: 80%~100%(saturated)
  • Support layer: 4×4 steel wire grids net
  • No pressurized and natural loading
  • H/D at loading: >3

1 meter loading height per chamber prefer


Packaging Format (Other formats on request)

Normal package: 25 kg plastic bag with inner PP liner


Shipping and Handling:

Our brand GTW DS 506 is packaged in clearly marked multi-wall plastic bags, palletized and stretch-wrapped for handling convenience.