GTW 313 Filter media to kill Virus and Bacteria

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This product GTW 313 is specially designed for the removal of virus and bacteria from indoor air in the AHU of central aircon system. GTW 313 has average 4mm size in ball shape which can achieve the best performance between pressure loss and filtration efficiency. Special chemicals have been impregnated inside filter media, which can kill many types of virus, including coronavirus.


Product Description

This product GTW 313 is used in AHU in the purpose of killing viruses including coronavirus and bacteria. GTW 313 has average 4mm size in ball shape which can be put into carbon panel chamber, Honeywell chamber, cartridges, etc.

Below are different types of filter media for different application:

GTW 19 and GTW 191, virgin activated carbon as effective adsorbent, which adsorption area is about 800~1200m2 per gram. It can effectively remove VOC air pollutants and water oil pollutants: FORMALDEHYDE (CANCEROGENIC), BENZENE(TOXIC), TOLENE (TOXIC), SULFIDE COMPOUNDS(ODORANT), OZONE (BREATHING HARMFUL MATERIALS), SMELLING COMPOUNDS. Especially in new decorating officers/rooms, some pollutants are brought from new furniture, new painting, and new plastic/leather.

GTW 107, mercury removal filter media, which is specially used for the removal of mercury vapor from glasses, lamps, hospital areas.

GTW 206, alkali impregnated activated carbon, which is used to remove acidic gases: HNO3, HCl, HAC, H2S, SO2, SO3, HCOOH  etc.

GTW 409, acid impregnated activated carbon, which is used to remove ammonia gas.

GTW 308, KMnO4 impregnated alumina ball as chem-sorbent, which can oxidize reducing pollutants: HCHO, ETHER etc

GTW 506, Fe2O3 desulfur catalyst, which can reduce H2S content to small level.