activated carbon for air/water purification and exhuast/wastewater treatment

GTW 19A is designed for air exhaust cleaning using coconut shell based granular activated carbon. Its size is specially screened out. It is produced from virgin coconut shell by a high temperature activation process under stringent quality control. It uses a special, two stages, high pressure steam activation process that produces superior pore space throughout each individual granule. This treatment creates the porosity by leaving a carbon skeleton “sponge.” It has a large surface area (each gram contains over 1100 square meter of usable, adsorptive surface area), high mechanical hardness, high pore volume and chemical stability. It has been proven to be capable to clean and purify air exhaust by adsorption of air pollutants.

Product Description

There are many types of activated carbon made from different base materials:

coconut shell based, palm shell based, fruit nut shell based, wood sawdust based, bamboo based, anthracite coal based, bitumen coal based

There are many sizes of activated carbon:

6~8mm, 3~5mm, 4x6mesh(4x8mesh), 8x30mesh, 12x30mesh(12x40mesh), 200mesh, 325mesh

GTW Activated Carbon, GTW modified/impregnated activated carbon

Synonyms: Graphite Natural; Purified Charcoal; GTW Granular Activated Carbon, GTW Palletized Activated Carbon, GTW Powder Activated Carbon, GTW Impregnated Carbon

Brand: GTW 13, GTW 15, GTW 17, GTW 19, GTW 19A, GTW 191, GTW 191A, GTW 018, GTW 019, GTW 096, GTW SC, GTW 103, GTW 107, GTW 206, GTW 206A, GTW 308, GTW 409 and GTW 507