deodorizers for refrigerator, freezer, shoe cabinet/storage

This product can be offered in sealed pp bag, wire mesh bag, bottles, barrels, buckets and, drums. When you start to use, just open the sealed pp bag and put the inside wiremesh bag into your refrigerator or freezer or shoe cabinet/storage. Inside modified activated carbon is specially prepared as deodorizer. It has max capacity to remove smell and formaldehyde. It keeps your refrigerator, shoecabinet and freezer fresh and health. It is easy to put into open boxes if you want to put into your closets.

Activated carbon is the most effective adsorption media, which adsorption area is about 800~1000m2 per gram. It can effectively remove air pollutants:

Products used in interior environments which include furnishings, building materials, other household and office products emit thousands of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, especially in new decorating officers/rooms, GTW activated carbon being packed in wire net bags, can achieve the maximum capacity to remove those indoor pollutants as excellent adsorbent.

GTW activated carbon is made from some selective coals. It has been testified to achieve special adsorption performance for pollutants removal in car park, shoe cabinets, kitchen, toilet, storage room and refrigerators. It has high mechanical strength to minimize fines formation. It has cylinder shape pellets with average 9mm to easily handle and use. We are sure that our product will fulfill the expectation of good health and environment.

Usage: 1bag for 50m2 room, to put on the floor, cabinet and toilet, which can directly exposing to indoor air. Please feel free to contact us for further enquiries.



Product Description

This product is specially prepared as natural deodorant. Fine modified activated carbon is selected with higher adsorption surface. It has excellent capacities to remove smell and formaldehyde. It does not bring any side effect: no chemical and no emission. Wire mesh bag can maximize the performance of adsorption.

GTW 191, virgin activated carbon as effective adsorbent, which adsorption area is about 800~1200m2 per gram. It can effectively remove VOC air pollutants and water oil pollutants: FORMALDEHYDE (CANCEROGENIC), BENZENE(TOXIC), TOLENE (TOXIC), SULFIDE COMPOUNDS(ODORANT), OZONE (BREATHING HARMFUL MATERIALS), SMELLING COMPOUNDS. Especially in new decorating officers/rooms, some pollutants are brought from new furniture, new painting, and new plastic/leather.
GTW 206, alkali impregnated activated carbon, which is used to remove acidic gases: HNO3, HCl, HAC, H2S, SO2, SO3, HCOOH etc.
GTW 409, acid impregnated activated carbon, which is used to remove ammonia gas.
GTW 308, KMnO4 impregnated alumina ball as chem-sorbent, which can oxidize reducing pollutants: HCHO, ETHER etc
GTW 506, Fe2O3 desulfur catalyst, which can reduce H2S content to small level.
GTW activated carbon can be packed in wire mesh bags, which can achieve the maximum capacity to prevent carbon loss and ash dust. It is better than carbon cartridge or carbon panel. It can save energy and materials. It is easy to load and remove from filter system. Wire mesh bags can reduce pressure loss through carbon filter because metal perforated sheet of carbon cartridges or carbon panel increase 2/3 of pressure loss by wire mesh bags.