Air redox sterilization purifier c/w oxygen enriching function

Oxygen gets Generated from the Exchange Reaction

Reaction of Oxygen Generation and Elimination of Poisonous Gas Oxidation

Reserves the Powerful Antibacterial Sterilization Function from Generating Oxygen Radical

Superb Competitive Price

Remove CO2-> Oxygen Generation Filter

Various Designs

Product Description


  • Air Redox purifier is an organic compound with powerful bactericidal function and oxygen exchange
  • Exchange Reaction from Oxygen Concentrator Function : The function exchanges the CO2 molecule into oxygen to make the atmosphere more comfortable.
  • Eliminating Poisonous Gas: Removal of oxidations; NOx, formaldehyde, ammonia, the function exchanges gases in to the fresh oxygen to optimize the quality of air inside.
  • Bactericidal Function : Through generating oxygen radical to sterilize, it allows to prevent from various virus and disease.
  • Sterilization Object : salmonella, colon bacillus, staphylococcus, legionella, various bacteria and virus, infectious germs, etc
  • Deodorization object : VOCs, benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, a nitrogenous compound, etc
  • Efficiency (Sterilizer, Deodorization) : Wherever air in contact with the OH, radical oxidation method of sterilizing, deodorizing capability
  • Sterilization Method : OH Radical Ion Oxidation Process






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