best natural deodorant zeolite for fish farm water

GTW ZEOLITE AM removes ammonia from water and it is perfect, fully-rechargeable ammonia remover for water/wastewater. Works fast in any water system. Each pound removes 3ppm per 100 gallons of water and more 99% of removal efficiency is obtained.

GTW ZEOLITE AM is natural, chemical and heat stability, high surface area, and excellent pore structure. It is made after milling and shaping from zeolite mine ore. Its pore size is 3.5~4 Ai. Its thermal stability is 750oC. It is rechargeable using salt water.

Application areas cover odor control, industrial absorbents, industrial fillers, gas absorption, soil remediation, wastewater filtration, flocculating agent, animal feeds, hydroponics, molecular sieves, catalysts, desiccants, lightweight concrete, acoustics, ceramics,

Product Description

Zeolite is a group of natural or synthetic hydrated aluminosilicate minerals which contain alkali and alkaline metals. It is characterized by a framework structure that encloses interconnected cavities occupied by ion-exchangeable large metal cations and water molecules permitting reversible dehydration. Zeolite is recommended in detergent manufacturing for the applications of the removal of hardness and heavy metal ions and neutralization of acid waters, high cation exchange, gas absorption and water retention capabilities. Their large effective surface area gives them superior adsorptive qualities.



  1. A) Physical Properties
  • Bulk Density: 0.8-1.0kg/l
  • Specific Gravity: 2.10-2.47kg/l
  • pH Units (25% slurry): 4.5~5.5
  • Hardness: 3~4
  • Standard Chemical Removal Capacity: 130~180 meq /g
  • Moisture: <5% (as packed) (water absorption capacity >30%w/w (after 300oC calcined)
  • Surface area: >200 m2/g
  • NH4+ removal capacity: 130mmol of NH4+ /g
  • K+ removal capacity: >15mg/g
  1. B) Chemical Properties
  • S i O 2                              %            :     70
  • A l 2 O 3                           %            :     12
  • Fe 2 O 3                            %            :     0.87
  • N a 2 O                             %            :     2.6
  • Ca O                                %            :     2.6
  •    Mg O                               %            :     0.13
  • K2 O                                %            :     1.13
  • As                                                    :   ND
  • Pb                                    :   ND
  • PO4                                                :  ND
  • Hg                             :   ND

Available type and size:

Powder: 60 mesh, 150 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 400 mesh
Granules 0.4~1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-7mm
Round pellet: 1-3mm, 3-5mm.