Company Profile

GTW ACTIVATED CARBON & SCRUBBER is specialized in air pollution control. We are pleased to provide environmental protection products and equipment, as well as process engineering and design services. We are delivering affordable, efficient, sustainable environmental engineering solutions to water/wastewater/exhaust/contaminated air. Our products and technologies are based on the concept of environment sustainability of our world. We are focused on the targets of reducing energy consumption, reducing carbon footprint, reducing chemicals usage, reducing second waste disposal.
We provide VOC scrubbing liquid and odor scrubbing liquid for wet scrubber. We are responsible for cleaning water through great reduction of COD/TOC using innovative oxidization technology. We also provide UV nano-photo catalyst for VOC/odor decomposition dry system to purify contaminated exhaust air.

Our products include different types of gases filter media, scrubber random packing and mist eliminator. We are able to handle the removal of ammonia gases, acidic gases, chlorine gases, carbon monoxide, VOC and odorous gases (e.g., hydrogen sulphide, mercapatin and suflide alcohol). We have series of toxic gas filter media, to meet different application cases. According to types and concentrations of toxic gas pollutants, varies filter media are designed and formulated to protect the users and surroundings. The product incorporates activity, selectivity and stability, and provides good catalyst and all-purpose protection.All-purpose protection not only against toxic gases such as cyanides, phosphine, bromine and arsenides, but also against harmful gases such as acid gases, ammonia and carbon monoxide can be visualized.

The brief introduction of some products are listed as below:

GTW 19GTW 103GTW 809GTW 206GTW 308GTW 409GTW 507GTW HopcaliteGTW Desiccant
Is cylinder shape macroporous activated carbon used for the removal of VOC compound- like MMA, Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, Styrene, ACN, TCE, EDC, etc.
A specialized product for use in the treatment of flue gases containing high levels of mercury, typically found in clinical waste incinerators. This product is treated with a chemical additive to enhance the adsorption of mercury in the system, thus allowing the use of standard process conditions to treat a more rigorous duty.
Specially designed for the removal of dioxins. It is usually mixed together with GTW 103 for multi-purpose functions.
Used for the removal of acidic gases-Acetic acid, hydrogen chloride, Nitric acid, Chlorine dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, Hydrogen sulfide, Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide.
Is KMnO4 impregnated Alumina Carrier Red purple spherical pellet, used for the removal of Sulfur compounds, Mercaptans, Hydrogen sulfide, Nitrogen dioxide, Formaldehyde, Alcohols, VOC, Oxides of nitrogen, Nitric Oxide, Acetaldehyde.
Used for the removal of caustic gases-Ammonia Aniline Dimethylamine Ethylamine Urea.
Used for the removal of chlorine; for 1000 cfm air flow, 1 ft3 GTW 507 media can last 100 days for 0.2 ppm chlorine gas. The outlet gas has no traceable chlorine.
Specially used for the converter from CO to CO2.
Used for compressor air intake cleaning, other special area.
We also offer Mixed impregnated Activated Carbon for the removal of NH3, H3As,C6H6, Freon and 8-10mm Cylinder Activated Carbon for the desulfurizationa and denitrification of flue gas from incinerators.